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This fantastic scarf on a rectangular stretched black background,was entirely designed by V3rgo after a careful research of the distinctive elements of the artist starting from his homeland and the city of Palermo where Piazza Pretoria is located, called "of Shame", from which takes the name of the artist. " The name NACA in Sicilian means cradle, to emphasize the principle, the beginning of this experience", as V3rgo himself tells. The eye in the center, always a precious symbol in mythology, with the pupil of the characteristic color of the artist’s eye. The eye is inserted into a blue circle with stars that gives depth from the graphics. The whole is in turn positioned in a rhombus with a light frame, and a black interior background with two distinctive elements : Hands on opposite sides. This wonderful composition is flanked on the sides by the symbols of the sun and moon and then by two diamonds on a light background with at the center a kaleidoscopic composition made of the artist’s logo of extreme suggestion. The diamond geometry continues with the graphics of the GRIFOU NACA 70 on the sides. The hemming is strictly handmade according to the technique of the roulottage. A Scarf to have always with you, to be combined with other accessories to give a touch of art and color to your outfit but also to wrap it along the leg or arm as fashion way to attract the eye and stand out with elegance and poetry.