Vergo grew up in Palermo, has always been surrounded by music. He is oriented to the most varied audiences, influenced by the members of his large family. But it is in Milan that Vergo is forming and growing his all-round artistic identity. His charismatic voice, the theatricality of his gestures and his dembow rhythm can enchant anyone. During XFactor 2020 Vergo produced the hit "Bomba", which brought with it the message of loosing the chains of prejudice, and testifies his activism LGBTQ+, with all the creative staff of the label FLUIDOSTUDIO.
Vergo is more than just music, his expressive ability found in KNTNR the opportunity of realize his vision, in a mixture that combines his deep sicilian roots and his current cosmopolitan dimension. All this emphasized by arabesque mediterranean echo and at the same time projected into a future and modern society, in complete freedom of expression of identity for all.