Changing point of view to get going again!

"We decided to live this moment of pandemic crisis, as a rebirth moment, trying to look forward, rediscovering values such as sustainability in its broadest sense, contaminating experiences of different areas between them: the desire to amplify the concept of art and tell the story of art with fashion objects; to give space to producers, possibly made in Italy, who are behind the big brands; to create products with maniacal care and rediscover the attention to detail and craftsmanship in limited series. All of this is centered around the artist with his own DNA." - Katia

"We wanted to experience new horizons thanks to projects out of the box, using the best forms of communication, combining worlds, the most diverse with an innovative approach digital native, finding the value of the person and the artistic forms that they create, including through the creation of products in limited series, numbered, from the feelings of the artist and a sheet of paper." - Christian

"This is KNTNR, a project that creates interest, enthusiasm, aggregation, energy around it." - Katia