Energy never stops!

"In this period, when clubs are closed, I still found the energy to express myself in another side of my creativity and resume a dream that I had in the drawer.
Always with attention to details, research and consistency of style, I decided to launch myself into a new challenge and explain the characteristic elements of my DNA in person and as an artist, in the design of a Type Logo and some graphic elements that bring the spirit of music and my way of being."



Cristian Marchi

Cristian Marchi was born in Mantua in 1976. Dj and Italian producer, his successes consecrate him to be one of the most appreciated and recognized artists on the international territory, above all thanks to his sound where rhythm and melody come together in a unique listening experience of its kind. The radio is its first stage, for ten uninterrupted years of transmission. At first on a local scale, then, considering the talent and the quality of his musical production, he was hired by an important radio which broadcast on national broadcasting frequencies. Cristian is very attentive to relations with his countless fans, his true wealth alongside his talent as an artist. Instagram and Facebook are, for him, an important point of contact through which to listen to their voice and provide information, news and content.